Below is a listing of those community leaders who have been inducted into the Pueblo Hall of Fame:

1991 Inductees

O.H.P. Baxter

Frank S. Hoag, Jr.

David Packard

Fred E. Weisbrod

Mahlon T. White

1992 Inductees

Bishop Charles A. Buswell

Dr. Richard Corwin

Simon F. Elliot

Dr. Melvin H. Takaki

1993 Inductees

Damian P. Ducy

Bob A. Jackson

Joanna S. Sperry

John A. Thatcher

Mahlon D.Thatcher

Richard W. Trefz

1994 Inductees

Mary M. Farley

William H. Hutchinson

Samuel T. Jones

Ray H. Talbot

1995 Inductees

Patricia Ducy Kelly

Bret Kelly

Timothy G. McCarthy

Michael Occhiato

1996 Inductees

Walter L. Bassett

Melvin L. Harmon

1997 Inductees

Alva C. Jones

Dr. Robert C. Shirley

1998 Inductees

Dr. Malik M. Hasan

Bob Leon Kirscht

1999 Inductees

Charles Autobee

Robert H. Rawlings

2000 Inductees

Helen Lindberg

Jerome L. Lindberg

Vincent D. Massari

2001 Inductees

Dr. John B. Farley

Thomas V. Healy

Marvin N. Stein

Sandy M. Stein

 2002 Inductees

 Joseph A. (Tony) Fortino

2003 Inductees

Margaret G. (Maggie) Divelbiss

William J. (Bill) Hybl

John Francis Keating

2004 Inductees

Robert L. Hawkins

Henry G. Reyes

2005 Inductees

 Tom Farley -

Kathy Farley

James Arthur Grady

Bishop Arthur Tafoya

2006 Inductees

Dr. Jarvis D. Ryals

Mary Jo Ryals

2007 Inductees

Dr. M. Edmund Vallejo

Senator Abel Tapia

2008 inductees

Dave Cardinal

Jim Driscoll

2009 Inductees

Raymond P. Kogovsek

Harry H. Simmons

2010 Inductees

Patty Erjavec

Keith & Sharon Swerdfeger

2011 Inductees

Jim Poole

Doris Kester

2012 Inductees

Art Stawski

Ed Sajbel

2013 Inductees

Louie Carleo

Dick Cline

2014 Inductees

Art & Lorraine Gonzales

James & Paulette Stuart

2015 Inductees

Eddie & Neta DeRose

Sollie Raso

2016 Inductees

Gerry & Dian Montgomery

Joe & Tom Welte

2017 Inductees

Jack Quinn

Jane Rawlings

Hank & Ernamarie Williams


To find out more information on the Pueblo Hall of Fame, contact the Pueblo Community College Foundation at 719.544.0677.