Fremont Hall of Fame Inducts 4 on April 21

Fremont Hall of Fame Inducts 4 on April 21

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2017-Fremont-HOF Poster JPEGThe Fremont Hall of Fame was established to honor individuals who, by their extraordinary efforts, have contributed to the betterment or enhancement of Fremont and/or Custer counties. Nominees are considered on the basis of contributions in the following areas: all facets of education; business and labor; arts and humanities; philanthropy; government; law; science and technology; and health and human services.

On Friday, April 21, these exemplary people were inducted into the Fremont Hall of Fame:

Rich Burleson, a knowledgeable educator and dedicated community leader, brought his talents and expertise to Fremont County in 1971. His unique and compelling character was part of his success in building and maintaining the relationships he created with not only students, but colleagues, and community leaders. His integrity, dedication and dependability were evident as he competently completed numerous projects and programs for the RE-2 School District and the community. His professional career included teaching, counseling and educational administration. The Florence community has benefitted from Rich’s involvement, over the past 46 years, in volunteer community service and events.


Judy Lohnes, a Fremont County native,  has proven to be an exceptional community leader who has worked tirelessly to promote Fremont County and its people. Judy has been the Executive Director of the Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments (UAACOG) since 1992. Through her vision, guidance, and leadership her office has gained the reputation as one of the outstanding Regional Councils in the State of Colorado. She began her career with the council over 38 years ago and has been an outstanding employee for UAACOG. Judy has organized, served, supervised and led many innovative initiatives that have made a positive impact on the residents of Fremont County.

Charles Wolfers and his late wife Earlene have a rich history of contributing their time and talents to Fremont County. They have been steadfast supporters throughout the years as donors, volunteers, and advocates for many civic groups and organizations. Charles and Earlene helped launch the initial Fremont Campus capital construction campaign in the late 1990s and have been tireless supporters of the PCC Foundation.

Scholarship recipients are: Michelle Bauer, Bruce Miller, Leslie Nelson, Dawn Palma, Kaitrin Slattery, Theresa Swearinger, Jena Thompson, Breanne Ulrich and Kacee Young.

Congratulations to these wonderful past, present and future community leaders!

To preview the sights and sounds from this year’s event CLICK HERE.

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